Stop Dental Damage With a Tooth Filling

Tooth decay is a common dental issue, but it’s also highly treatable – especially when caught early. By placing high-quality fillings, our skilled team can repair your teeth, stopping the decay in its tracks and protecting the rest of your smile. Our leading-edge technology like digital X-rays helps us identify decay in the early stages. Your dentist will numb the area before placing your filling, so you won’t feel any discomfort.
Our dental fillings:

  • Repair areas of decay to prevent the problem from spreading and worsening
  • Preserve the long-term integrity and health of your natural tooth structure
  • Are made of tooth-colored composite, not metal, so they look natural
  • Boost your confidence by reviving your smile’s appearance

Your dentist will match the color of your filling to your other teeth, so it blends in easily. Your non-metal restoration won’t detract from the appearance of your smile.
Beyond appearance, fillings also play an important part in maintaining your overall oral health. By sealing off the affected tooth, you’ll protect the remaining healthy structure from exposure to harmful bacteria that lead to more extensive decay and possible tooth loss.

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