Achieve a Near-Perfect Smile With Dental Bonding

We understand that even small imperfections in your teeth can make a big difference in your confidence. That’s why we offer cosmetic bonding, a quick and affordable procedure that can improve the appearance of chipped, cracked, discolored, or misshapen teeth. Here’s what you can expect during the tooth bonding process:

  • Consultation – During your initial consultation, your dentist will discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure. We’ll also examine your teeth and determine if bonding is the best option for you.
  • Simple Preparation – Unlike other cosmetic dental procedures, bonding requires little to no tooth preparation. We may need to roughen the surface of your tooth and apply a conditioning liquid to help the bonding material adhere.
  • Bonding Material – We’ll select a shade of composite resin that matches the color of your natural teeth. Your dentist applies the bonding material to your tooth and shapes it to cover flaws and match the surrounding teeth.
  • Polishing – Once the bonding material is in place, we’ll harden it with a special light, then polish and smooth it for a natural-looking finish.
  • Aftercare – Cosmetic bonding is durable and can last several years, but it’s important to take good care of your teeth to ensure the best results. Avoid biting down on hard objects, brush and floss daily, and visit us for regular checkups and cleanings.

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