Snap More Selfies With a New & Better Smile

You can have a smile that looks great for years, if not decades, when you get veneers at Mate and Huaman Dentistry. Versatile veneers can conceal many dental flaws. When you come in for a visit, your dentist will discuss your smile goals and examine you. Then, he can advise you on whether veneers are a good cosmetic solution for your situation.

Veneers can help you on their own or as part of a smile makeover. With teeth veneers, you can have:

  • Better Appearance – Veneers improve smiles by covering up imperfections. With your flawless teeth, you can look more youthful too.
  • Repaired Smile – Veneers are an effective option to fix teeth that are cracked, chipped, broken, or worn down due to excessive use.
  • Closed Spaces – You may have more space between teeth than you would like. You can close those gaps with the right set of veneers.
  • Straight Smile – Veneers won’t reposition your teeth, but they can be used to hide crooked or crowded teeth. This can give you the appearance of a perfectly aligned smile.
  • Added Durability – Having veneers also adds a layer of protection for your natural teeth. With proper care, your veneers can easily last 10 years or more.

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